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Swiss WorldCargo continues its focus on mail throughout the Coronavirus crisis

Over the years, Swiss WorldCargo has shipped significant amounts of mail to and from individuals and companies in Switzerland, largely supported through the destinations served by the global Swiss WorldCargo network. Thanks to its large network based in Zurich and Geneva, Swiss WorldCargo continues to carry out crucial e-commerce shipping throughout the world. The transportation of mail by air is an important facet of global logistics, as in addition to “traditional” mail, volumes of e-commerce have increased yearly.

The Coronavirus crisis has led to a dramatic shift in both the transportation of mail and focus on e-commerce. At once, global online spending has increased significantly since the previous year, due to lockdowns and inability to access traditional retail stores. On the other hand, international cargo capacity has decreased dramatically in recent months. Especially at the beginning of the crisis, alongside sudden border closings, airfreight capacity experienced a strong decline and faced hurdles in meeting customer needs.

At the onset of the crisis, Swiss WorldCargo faced several challenges, resulting in a change in its regular services. A special task force was in charge of operating cargo-only flights, but the lack of a predictable and regular network was an initial difficulty for postal customers. Mail, historically seen as a stable product, was suddenly much more volatile, with both airlines and postal operators having to deal with ad-hoc requests and uncertainty. With dynamic schedules and volatile traffic, it was also difficult to cater to industry needs. Likewise, onward connections – or a lack thereof – became a challenge. As customers scrambled to find solutions, including relying on trucking and ocean freight, Swiss WorldCargo sought to find new alternatives that would immediately become helpful.  

Swiss WorldCargo made sure to maintain close communication channels with all customers, in order to better understand their needs and the support that could be offered to them. In addition to the newly established cargo-only flights, selected feeder and de-feeder options by truck complemented the offer to our customers. Shortly after this, Swiss WorldCargo introduced its line operations concept. With regular cargo-only flights serving several destinations, ranging from Chicago to Shanghai, Swiss WorldCargo was again able to offer its customers access to crucial shipping lanes. Now, with Swiss WorldCargo flying to a large part of its previous network, customers once again have access to myriad destinations around the world.

Swiss Post and Swiss WorldCargo – a historic partnership
Swiss WorldCargo’s specific measures benefited many of its customers – including Swiss Post.

Swiss Post is one of Swiss WorldCargo’s most important mail customers, based on a long-standing partnership developed through years of synergetic work approaches and shared values. Swiss Post is responsible for collecting mail from individuals and companies in Switzerland. From here, Swiss WorldCargo ships international volumes utilizing the capacity on scheduled flights and frequencies. Once mail arrives at the final destination, the designated destination operator (in other words, the local post at the destination country) ensures the last-mile delivery within their territory.

Swiss WorldCargo’s introduction of a cargo line network provided an immediate benefit for this partnership. This new offer guarantees once more a regular network to rely on. With the launch of scheduled flights – to destinations ranging from Sao Paulo to Singapore, Swiss WorldCargo is able to ensure that the transportation of postal shipments can be efficiently planned. An increase in capacity also means an increase in acceptance of shipments. Swiss Post has been able to resume regular operations to several destinations and was able to lift the export embargo it was forced to place to destinations like China.

What does the future hold?
It is difficult to predict what the next steps will be and what the future will hold, as the Coronavirus crisis continues to affect people and countries throughout the world. However, it is safe to assume that postal logistics will continue to be a major focus for global customers. E-Commerce has taken over the world, and consumers expect their purchases to arrive swiftly to their destinations. As brick and mortar retail stores continue to face difficulties, people continue to focus on online shopping which correlates directly to an increase demand for postal services.  

International cargo logistics play a crucial role here, and will continue to do so in the future. It offers airlines the opportunity to transport goods throughout the world. As a result, we will continue evaluating our offering to different customers, and continue finding new solutions that offer quick and reliable shipping. Through collaborations with innovative partners such as Swiss Post, we will surely be able to provide for the postal and cargo industries, alongside recovering demand.