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Pharma in India

Connecting India and Switzerland through pharma exports

On December 13, Swiss WorldCargo will host an event in Mumbai, bringing together different forwarders and players in the pharma industry. During the afternoon-long event, we will share updates, best practices, and an overview of the state of pharma exports from Mumbai and throughout India. The event follows the soft launch of the expanded cold store terminal whose capacity to store built up units has been augmented by 400% at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, besides offering an increased handling capacity and space – specifically for temperature-sensitive products.

In recent years, our number of pharmaceutical shipments from Mumbai has continued to increase, and these now make up a substantial portion of freight carried on our daily flight from Mumbai to Zurich. The city has become one of Swiss WorldCargo’s “pharma hubs” – cities from which we strategically focus on regularly shipping pharmaceutical products, due to the industry presence in and surrounding regions.

So the timing for this upcoming event is a great opportunity for us to take a step back and reflect – what has made Mumbai such a compelling pharmaceutical market?

Pharma trade developments in Mumbai
There’s no doubt about it – India’s pharma industry is booming, and Mumbai has become a striking example of this. Some of the largest Indian and Multinational vaccine, life-saving medicinal and generic pharma companies have set up large scale production plant in various SEZ and industrial centers scattered around in the Country, and are concentrated in the south west and central parts of India. These major international players have a strong presence here, highlighting the region’s growing international reputation for their consistency, safety and quality. Alongside this, smaller, local players have also carved out a name for themselves locally. The Indian government, meanwhile, continues to invest and provide local stimulus, which offers designated economic areas a production boost.  

Historically, Mumbai has always been known for successful trade. As a port city, its proximity to nearby water sources cannot be underestimated. Ocean freight offers a legitimate opportunity to move myriad shipments out of the city and throughout the rest of the world. Nevertheless, for those goods which require quick delivery and faster receivables, air cargo remains the fastest and most steadfast way to ensure this.

The appeal of flying with a SWISS carrier
As a premiere air cargo carrier focused on transporting those goods which are difficult to handle, Swiss WorldCargo is proud to be active in the pharma segment throughout India. We first began operating in this sector in 2008, and over the last ten years, have steadily grown our presence.

What makes us appealing to customers? The secret comes down to our hubs. At Mumbai airport, we offer our clients one of the shortest cut-off times in our entire network. Shipments can finalized up to five hours before any flight. And at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, our dedicated storage and handling facilities, as well as quick travel time to the tarmac, both ensure an uninterrupted cool-chain for the products which we ship.

Similarly, our Zurich hub remains an attractive place to either directly ship to, or connect through and even more so for temperature-sensitive goods. The climate is relatively cool year-round, with Switzerland’s summers milder than those of it Southern neighbours. Clever network planning ensures that when our flight from Mumbai arrives, just after six o’clock in the morning, it can immediately continue onwards to various destinations in the Americas, Africa and throughout Europe. 

Outside of Mumbai, Swiss WorldCargo flies to Delhi once a day. The capital city and its neighbouring states are known for local industries including textiles, electronics, Pharmaceuticals  and valuables, which also benefit from our quick transit times and quality handling. And with trucking connections, we can also reach other diverse centers of pharmaceutical and other industries – at Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with the help of our local forwarders and bonded trucking service providers.

With the expansion of the new terminal in Mumbai, Swiss WorldCargo looks to continue focusing on its great relationship with local forwards and shippers. Additionally, we aim to continue our strong partnership with the pharmaceutical industry in the region, serving as the go-to carrier for specialized, time and temperature-sensitive goods.