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Cargologic contract renewal

SwissWorldCargo and Cargologic extend their contract for seven more years

In October, Swiss WorldCargo and Cargologic agreed to extend their contract for Zurich-based handling for another seven years. This extension highlights the close partnership and symbiotic relationship between our two firms, which was founded on a mutual focus on quality ground handling and state-of-the-art shipping methods.

At Swiss WorldCargo, our Zurich hub remains one of our strong selling points: We are able to offer speedy connections and industry-leading transit times, quality-driven handling and technology. This, in turn, gives each consignment the special treatment it deserves.

Transit times and speed of connection
At Zurich airport, goods do not have to wait long. Industry leading tail-to-tail transfer times ensure that after processing, a shipment makes its way onwards as quickly as possible. If originating from outside of a facility, for instance via truck, it is moved inside the Cargologic warehouse and storage facilities. If transferred from another aircraft, trucks can quickly bring it to the relevant storage facilities, where it is immediately processed or transferred to another aircraft.

Swiss WorldCargo enjoys a very close proximity to the tarmac, and freight can move there from our hub within 15 to 45 minutes. Once on the tarmac, they are quickly loaded and finalized before a flight, during which SWISS’s ground handling partner, Swissport takes over. 

Arrival and departure times play an important role. The SWISS network has timings established to ensure onward connections of passengers and freight: We can thus match flights arriving from Asian destinations in the morning with quick onward connections to flights bound for Europe, the Middle East, or North and South America. Alternatively, flights arriving in the afternoon from the West Coast Americas are in perfect scope for evening departures to Asia, South Africa and Europe.

The phrase “quality driven,” is frequently thrown around, but it is much more than a simple conversational point. Broadly, it refers to the competent ground staff we have working at Cargologic. With their experience, we ensure that our shipments adhere all quality requirements and regulations, and are properly built-up, stored and moved.

Additionally, the awards and accolades our work has received reflects this quality. In 2018, Swiss WorldCargo became IATA CEIV certified as an airline, while Cargologic’s warehouse has been CEIV and GDP certified since even before 2014. This means that it meets the highest, strictest safety standards for handling. Additionally, we have worked together to define “pharma lanes” to destinations such as Singapore. Here, the origin point in Zurich maintains the highest pharmaceutical safety standards, before the journey to a Swiss WorldCargo destination begins.

Technical innovations
Ahead of the curve: This is one way to describe the facilities at our Zurich hub. Regarding technology, different innovations help increase speed. For instance, automated elevators move containers, pallets and storage units from the ground floor to the first, where they are broken down for storage or onward shipping. Of course, the reverse is also true – items can be built-up and palletized or stored in containers on the first floor, and then moved downstairs for onward shipping. Cargologic’s facilities also include technological innovations directly aligned with Swiss WorldCargo’s needs. Temperature controlled storage areas are vital for pharma shipments in transit or in storage at Zurich. Plug-ins for active temperature controlled containers mimic different climates, which preserves life-saving medicines or research samples. Dedicated storage units for goods and additional layers of security, meanwhile, maintain the safety of high-value items, which remain protected and inaccessible from all non-authorized parties.  

Swiss WorldCargo and Cargologic have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years now, largely based on our mutual understanding of quality, and our focus on productive, methodical shipping. Now, we look forward to more of the same – and hope to bring our mutually beneficial partnership to new heights allowing us to move ahead with the best solutions for our customers worldwide.